My Imagination IS My Reality

My imagination creates my reality in order for me to exist in multiple interconnecting worlds – dimensions within dimensions – ad infinitum.

This universe, of which I perceive only a tiny fraction, acts as a playground for my imagination. For example, although frequencies of electromagnetism extend from sub-audible to ultraviolet and beyond, I can imagine I’m sensing what is important to me.  The vast majority of the light spectrum I don’t perceive at all. And that is just the electromagnetic spectrum within THIS dimension. Yet, my imagination makes it all work for me.

I also perceive myself as participating at multiple levels of reality. It’s easier, however, for me to comprehend and control dimensions inside myself, rather than those I believe as existing outside myself.

It is the job of my identity programs to manage the affairs of why I believe as I do. All my connections are based on need, where my inside reality is anchored to my outside reality through need of relationships.

I perceive my connections as loss or gain to who I am. As I perceive lack in myself, I simultaneously perceive potential fulfillment through my relationships and environment. I interpret my equations as need and defense, where purpose joins the two into a sense of wholeness.

I assign specific dimensions to serve my needs through their expressions of fulfillment in an effort to make whole who I am in – thought, emotion and physical form. Specifically, what (name), why (need and defense), how (strategy for existing),  who (specific identity), where (space) and when (time) I exist. THESE DEFINE (DEFEND) ME!

I’ve programmed my imagination to operate in sinc with my bias – in a loop – back and forth from imagination to bias and back again. My needs are read by imagination, which projects all steps necessary to create a way to satisfy I AM.

My imagination is my favorite dimension! It is the only tool I can rely on to create my own specific truth, making sense of senselessness… I think!

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