Manifestation of the Golden Rule

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” The Golden Rule.

In my First-Second Degree bubble, I view the Golden Rule as a sort of goal to which one aspires “someday” – an admonition as to what I should be doing. The Golden Rule, however, may simply be a statement of metaphoric fact. What if it’s not what I should or will be doing – rather, could it be what I am doing right now, and every second of every day?

It occurs to me the “rule” may have no “because” to it – no “promised reward” for obeying it. Simple and elegant, it may eloquently express the concept of connection across dimensions.

Perhaps I already treat others in the manner I wish to be treated. Unaware of my condition, I feel conflicted. Conflicted, I feel broken – in need of a “fix.” In that frame of mind, the golden rule looks more like an admonition I can never achieve rather than a rule.

From another perspective, rather than a promise or admonition, I may consider the golden rule a statement of fact. In this perspective, I might restate it, “That which I do to others, I’m doing to myself.” In which case, the “rule” may evoke feelings involved in meaningfully connecting with myself. In this case, the rule is a rule.

Am I Getting It?

What happens when I “get it” that I am already treating my neighbor as I believe I deserve to be treated? They tend to reciprocate – because “they” are not as I perceive “them” – “they” are “me” – the perceiver of “them.” Hmm!

Because I treat my neighbor in a manner befitting me, the creator of my perception of my neighbor, an aspect of me immediately goes to work making that perception real.

Nothing I MUST DO, the golden rule becomes a simple law of nature – cause and effect. When this, then that. From a Fourth Degree of Illumination perspective – I am this AND I am that. I am my neighbor AND I am me. We are one.

What if I AM the connection described in the golden rule?

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