Logic Levels and Persistence

Manifestation is based on who I THINK I am.

Persistence is the act of continuing on in the face of resistance. It’s inevitable that I’ll encounter resistance to change and therefore must at times press on in spite of it. Failure to persist in the face of obstacles can lead to failure to achieve a goal.

Studies have established that when people perceive themselves as having control over the setbacks they encounter, they’re more likely to persist toward and achieve their conscious intention (goal). When a person feels they have little or no control over obstacles, they tend to give up much more readily.

This yet again verifies the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) notion that staying within logic levels when dealing with adversity can improve the likelihood of achieving an intended outcome.

The logic levels I’m speaking of are: be, do, have. For example, if I fail a test and attribute the outcome to the BE logic level, “I’m stupid,” I’m far less likely to persist to “being” successful than when I instead assign the failure to the correct logic level: Doing – “I didn’t answer all the questions correctly on the test, I’ll study further and pass it next time.”

To make persistence work effectively for me, I use higher logic levels in positive affirmations and stay within a level when considering negative outcomes. In my above failed test example, I might say, “I am smart (a BE logic level), therefore (logic level transition), I will study further (DO level), and will pass that test next time (a DO level setup for success in the future BECAUSE the BE level is involved in a positive way).”

I AM able to DO that which will bring about what I HAVE. BE =>DO => HAVE

I have no conscious control over who I AM. Manifestation is based on who I THINK I am – thus, I see that manifestation and thinking are entirely in the DO logic level. HOW I manifest who I think I am is evident in my actions – what I DO. What I have is determined by what I do – which includes who I think I am.


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