We Recommend

Joseph Bennette Online – Joseph’s personal web site includes many, many more resources – including exercises, school recommendations, and therapies.

Rapid Eye Institute – Learn about training to be a Rapid Eye Technology practitioner. Rapid Eye training is a complete model of therapy that works for most people. If you are looking for a comprehensive course for healing work, take a look into RET training. Find a RET practitioner near you.

Oregon Hypnotherapy Association – The members of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association are professional hypnotherapists practicing in Oregon who are in good standing with the OHA and the community at large. All members of the OHA have to undergo proper and acceptable professional training before they can become members of this Association. Find a practitioner near you.

The Hypnosis Network – The programs offered to you by the Hypnosis Network are the highest quality in recording and content available. Their hypnosis therapists are qualified mental-health professionals who have doctorate-level degrees and are experts in the field of hypnotherapy.

A Better Way to Change your Mind! – Wendi Friesen has pioneered new methods and training to help you change your mind and change your life. Offering help for Medical conditions, cancer, migraines, chronic pain, and much more, Wendi also specializes in sexual issues such as impotence, lack of desire and sexual enhancement. You can learn about breast enlargement with hypnosis at her web site. The place to go when it’s Time to Change Your Mind!

The Work of Byron Katie is an experiential process consisting of inquiry that is easy to learn and simple to utilize. It helps to pinpoint solutions and to see problems from an entirely new perspective. People who use The Work experience extraordinary and lasting impact on their daily lives. In recent years, The Work has become increasingly utilized in the helping professions with great success.