Life in Trust

Inside my First-Second Degree of Illumination bubble, I accept my reality as I perceive it. I don’t question what I perceive – I simply accept it. What if EVERYTHING in my life is as it is because I accept it without question – and act accordingly? Could my acceptance be an expression of trust?

Repetition builds predictability. Predictability builds trust. Trust becomes the baseline for what I presume and assume to be true – like beliefs.

Questioning Trust and Belief

What might happen to my awareness when I ask some poignant questions about what I trust. Let’s investigate the structure of Third Degree of Illumination questions applied to trust:

  1. “What” questions identify beliefs.
  2. “How” questions express beliefs.
  3. “Why” questions validate beliefs.
  4. “Who” questions source beliefs.

Put together into one question, the structure might appear like this:

  • What do I believe, that I express in this way, which validates who I believe I am?
  • Who do I believe I am that is validated by how I express what I believe in this way?
  • How do I express what I believe that validates who I believe I am?

Considering this structure in the context of an experience that grabs my attention, I might ask:

  • “What do I believe that this experience expresses and validates who I believe I am?”
  • “Who am I that believes and trusts their perceptions of that experience?”

How would you answer this question? Leave a comment below…

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