Life as a Solvable Equation

It has been said, “Math is the universal language” – having no equals (pun intended). Yet, as humans, we rely heavily upon our emotions to inform us as to what is true or false about our world. We may even lean on intuition to guide our steps toward what is right and away from what is wrong.

When we are born we don’t have the math language skills to convey our needs with the precision of mathematical equations that can be understood by our parents and others who tend to our needs. We instead are born with a rudimentary ability to create life equations that defy logical reasoning. A kind of emotional cause and effect, “if this the that” thinking of using one emotion to bridge to another as a means of creating connection and getting our needs met.

For example – baby perceives needs not met -> cries -> performs other actions fitting a specific equation => baby gets needs met + feels peace => complete. A formula is satisfied at a local scale. When baby feels complete + parents + actions by others fitting a specific equation => leading to feel completion + universal peace = universe complete. A formula is satisfied at a cosmological scale. This may be an equation baby, parents and universe all recognize.

Every new need marks the end of one equation and the beginning of a new one. Baby, child, young adult, mature adult, aging adult must continually modify an ever-changing equation – one that has the same basic components – some of which are: needs, needs met, attention, interference to preferential treatment, validation for existing as me, and completion in time and space. These and many other elements combine in numerous ways to create life as we experience it.

I create living equations that seem as simple as just being myself – a language as pure as any mathematical formulations and I think many x more exciting.

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