Investments Can Create Problems

What about Investments?

In my bubble awareness, I perceive that I have a problems – “needs” – debts I believe were imposed upon me and that I must satisfy through endless personal investments. It’s like being in a pit, seeking to escape by digging deeper. Any hope for freedom only reinforces my investment to keep digging. A problem arises when I don’t recognize the futility of my situation.

As long as I believe that there are problems to be solved, I can never feel safe in my bubble awareness. Thus my investment in solutions in the form of weaponry, security, defense, and vigilance. Yet, does war solve the problem of war? How can a problem solve a problem? My need for investment in problems is not a solution.

Changing the context of my reality

The reason I believe there are problems to be fixed is because I believe I’m a problem that needs fixing. To change that belief, that reality, I want to see myself as I am rather than as I am not. Once I am no longer a problem nor a solution to a problem, I can choose to see reality as it is. I wonder, could this be the final solution?

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