Intention and the Power of Agreement

Agreement could be understood as an act of interdependent alliance of constituent agents sharing a need/fulfillment reality. The concept of constituent agents validates the concept of separation from wholeness. Is this intentional?

My first agreement is to serve my intention that requires me to validate separateness. One way is through agreement that validates separateness while my intention rewards me with a sense of wholeness.

In order for an environment of agreement to exist, a means for mutual fulfillment of needs must also exist. Needs and their fulfillment constitute a system of mutual service validating interdependence. Which means, agreeing constituent agents serve one another in an environment of interdependence.

All this to defend a world of separateness to satisfy an intention to achieve wholeness.

Agreement and Common Beliefs

Agreement stems from and leads to common need fulfillment to achieve validation of common beliefs. Those agreements are purposeful in the establishment of defense of their mutual intention.

Being right is a group effort! Being right is the goal of perspective to be believed as truth by virtue of a preponderance of agreement. This endows authority upon agreement.

The need to be right exceeds the risk of being wrong. This need validates the fear of vulnerability that the natural world won’t tolerate. That lack of tolerance imposes a need to defend against being vulnerable by favoring rightness.

Being wrong is conducive to death. When we convince ourselves we are right, we generate a need for agreement to protect against wrongness. The authority of agreement builds a sense of confidence that defends the defense of rightness with assumption.

A sense of rightness is the reward for defending separateness, particularly when assuming a united purpose. Although defense separates, agreement creates a sense of solidarity experienced as wholeness evidenced in assumption.

Thus, satisfying the intention to be whole.

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