Impossible Mathematics and My Pattern Recognition

Imagining equations is simply part of pattern “recognition” – in which I assign “recognition” through interpretation to derive meaning from my experiences. Natural selection in action through mathematics, the language of patterns.

As we discussed previously, my imagination creates equations to deal with the enormity of sensual data impacting my mind every second. I experience these equations as patterns – of thought, behavior, perception, and etc. I use mathematics to make sense of it.

Where I may encounter difficulties is when I believe my math is reality rather than a representation or interpretation of it. For example, I believe that 1+1=2. I believe it’s a reality, the truth. I assume it’s the truth because I believe that math tells the truth. I extend that trust to my own version of reality with logic -> I believe I UNDERSTAND the math and so KNOW the truth.

My Math = The Truth

I come by that belief honestly – through acceptance of tradition. My parents taught me what they believed -> 1+1=2. Their parents taught them the same. Back so many generations… each believing and trusting their understanding of the math they were taught by authorities they trusted.

I, too, had no reason to disbelieve my math teachers, who all seemed to agree on their understanding of the math they taught and its verity. They, too, came by their belief honestly – through the same traditions.

Although math may indeed be the truth, let’s not confuse my math with the truth. Nor should we confuse math with its interpretation, teaching with learning, trust with trustworthiness, understanding with reality!

Mathematics of Certainty

Born with a sense of justice, I trust equality. I just sort of “know” what is equal and just. I sense it as an instinct. I know it as a mathematical verity as certain as I know 1+1=2. I extend this sense of mathematical certitude – “truth” – to everything, applying specific to general in an equation.

It’s a bit like saying the climate must be sunny and warm because the weather is sunny and warm today. Were I to buy a home based on this expectation of sunny, warm climate, I could then experience some disappointment and maybe some frustration later when the sunny and warm days end and another, less sunny and warm season begins.

Faulty Math => Disappointment + Frustration

What if 1+1≠2? What if stepping off the curb did not equal connecting with the street below it? What if MY imagining of causality is incorrect?!! What then?

“What then” is the big question, then, isn’t it? What if MY reality is not THE reality? What if my math is incorrect? Ever had that happen to you – someone called your math into question? I have! Lots of times – when I was a kid, and even recently, when I was in math class. I usually shrug it off, realizing that I’m learning something new and am expecting to make mistakes. I then regroup and take another shot at it – learning something as I progress.

Life can be like that, too. When I make an equation error, I can call my equation into question, regroup, and have another go at it from another perspective. It’s called “choosing again” – this time with a slight change to the formula. “If you continue to do what you’ve done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve gotten” is an old verity that fits here nicely. When you question your assumptions (equations), seek out a different meaning from your original script and you’ll much more likely end up with a different result – maybe one that will awaken you to another dimension, one without such impassible borders and rigid rules.

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