An Illusion of Choice

True freedom of choice is impossible. You are not an individual. You are part of the whole of nature – everything. It appears to me that I am separate from everything, yet at a fundamental level, I am everything. I am not separate from the whole – it only appears that way to “me.”

Wholeness – everything – is. My perception of that wholeness, however, is an illusion I play for myself to give me a sense of being alive. Ego is my vehicle for experiencing that sense of separateness.

You cannot CHOOSE within wholeness because wholeness is ONE and it takes two to make a choice (choice A or choice B). In wholeness there is no separateness – only oneness. Choice requires separation of one into at least two, therefore it is no longer whole. ONE choice is NO choice. Therefore, choice is simply another illusion within my perception of separation I call time and space.

When you perceive that you are making a choice, you are simply using your ego to reinforce your illusion of separation.

Every Agreement Lessens Choices and Options

Within the illusion of separation, agreement sets up compulsion. When compulsion dictates our reasoning, circumstantial connections hold us captive. The more captive we feel, the fewer choices and options we believe remain. “When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging!” (Will Rogers)

Self Is a Threat to Established Universal Laws

Every state of being requires a commitment in pattern to identify nature’s right to retain its hold on form in order to maintain the laws of limitation. Any assertion of individual self is a threat to these established laws and is cause for nature to revise its present essentials to accommodate the will of those beings so engaged. In other words, if you get what you want, what happens to the rest of the universe?

Will Is at the Cause of Nature

One aspect of ego is desire, which is the child of will. The degree of desire determines the level of power will can impose on beliefs and perception. That is, we see what we WANT to see because we believe what we WANT to believe – the stronger the WANT, the stronger the belief and the stronger the defense of our perception of the universe as we WANT it to be. Therefore, will is at the cause of Nature. It’s also at the effect end. Will is therefore cause and effect, creator and created.

Only through gratitude – defined here as acceptance and acknowledgement of what is as it is – can you begin to connect with wholeness and transcend individual self will, in which you perceive yourself separate and apart from everyone and everything else.

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