Ignorance to Insight to Acceptance of Accountability

What do I notice about myself?
My level of acceptance of accountability for my life rises as I replace ignorance with insight.

How do ignorance and insight affect my acceptance of accountability?
Within my First-Second Degree of Illumination awareness bubble, I lack sufficient information to conclusively answer a question. This makes me prone to error. A closed mind settles on and defends one answer and excludes alternatives. It knows the truth!

An open mind seeks alternatives to answers presented in this state of ignorance. It entertains notions. Though somewhat mediating the errors inherent in the condition, an open mind doesn’t solve ignorance.

Accounting for Ignorance and Insight

That’s where insight may serve me. In particular, I speak of the kind of insight that challenges my beliefs – the kind that raises my defensive shields. I mean Third Degree of Illumination insight that takes me to a choice-point. That is –> do I accept accountability or return to the safety of my fortress?

To accept accountability, one must rise above their need to measure all alternatives in light of their ignorance. In a world of illusion, understanding may itself be illusive. Thus, acceptance of accountability may be acceptance of illusion as reality – until insight illuminates the scene.

Why does ignorance and insight affect my acceptance of accountability?
Ignorance and unawareness provide me an experience of separation, competition, judgment, and defense of my sense of rightness. Accuracy be damned!

Insight provides me an opportunity to awaken to something else – beyond my defensive borders.

Who am I as a result of this insight?
As I explore beyond my thought borders, I invite the opportunity for Third Degree of Illumination choice-point, which offers insight into what lies beyond. As a result of this insight, I feel more open to possibilities for exploration.

The progression from ignorance and certitude to insight and awareness to acceptance of accountability outlines the trail of progression from First to Second to Third and then to Fourth Degree of Illumination.

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