How My Need Fulfillment Train Goes in Circles

I have needs! Might the fulfillment of those needs create more needs? Does this concept seem circular to you, too?

I have a pretty fertile imagination. I imagine you do, too. It’s one of the defining characteristics that make us human. I can, for example,

“…see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of [my] hand and eternity in an hour.” (William Blake)

I wonder what else I can imagine? Let’s focus on perception, which is the application of imagination to interpret sensual data based on belief.

What I believe, I perceive and intend to support.

I invest an attention value to each need I perceive. My perception of a need motivates me to set an intention toward its fulfillment. My investment in  someone or something fuels my intention to act. It’s a train!

Investment > Attention > Value > Intention > Action = Fulfillment

I believe I need to protect my investments.

When it comes to needs, fulfillment is vital, and reality-affirming defense essential. Responding to a high-value need can rapidly turn peace into desperation, in which case I may justify any means to regain my sense of peace.

When I attach such a high value to my peace, I set it up as a high-value need that can rapidly turn into desperation…

Need > Desperation > Action = Need > Desperation > Action = Loop

The train goes in circles. Imagine that!

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