As we often refer to the following terms, we thought it might be useful to present them in a glossary to help us better communicate the concepts we’ve considered in this blog. The glossary is by no means final. Consider it a “work in progress” – that is subject to change as we evolve our ideas, our beliefs, and our questions about reality. 

Awakening – A change in awareness from lower to higher states of consciousness.

Bubble Awareness [the bubble, awareness bubble, bubble of limited awareness, limited awareness] – Experience within the first and second degrees of illumination (see First Degree of Illumination, Second Degree of Illumination) characterized by comparisons, competition, judgments, defense, blame, and perception of limited resources external to self. Survival-consciousness based on instinct.

Communication – a thought matrix in which concepts, perceptions, and energies are exchanged.

Connection – intention and action to create oneness in a relationship.

Degrees of Illumination – A spectrum of belief and perception from separation to wholeness, fragmentation to completion.

Ego – a persona, the result of bubble awareness.

Enlightenment – level of awareness and acceptance of wholeness.

Feed – To imagine gain from someone else’s loss.

Gratitude – an expression of coming to an understanding of what I once misunderstood.

Justification – justice through validation by imagination.

Need(s) – perception of lack demanding to be whole.

Paradox – “a statement [thought or belief] that, despite apparently sound reasoning from [apparently] true premises, leads to an apparently self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion. A paradox involves contradictory yet interrelated elements that exist simultaneously and persist over time.” (Wikipedia) (See also Wikipedia – Logical Paradoxes) The only useful method for exposing and resolving a paradox is to question assumptions in its reasoning, premises, and/or conclusions.

Projection – my reality projected as permanence into my immediate environment or within the frequency range I can perceive exists.

Reality – An imagined condition representing what I believe.

Scotoma – A mental activity in which one locks on to one idea and excludes all others – the “lock-on – lockout” program. It’s my ego’s way of avoiding overwhelm when faced with inconsistency and/or ambiguity.

Separation (from Wholeness) – perception that a state of non-wholeness can exist.

Truth – reality, experienced by us all, yet rarely recognizing it.

Values – degrees of influence to thought and emotions.

Wholeness [oneness] – complete, unfragmented, all-inclusive – can’t be perceived or experienced within any range of frequency of manifestation.