As we often refer to the following terms, we thought it might be useful to present them in a glossary to help us better communicate the concepts we’ve considered in this blog. The glossary is by no means final. Consider it a “work in progress” – that is subject to change as we evolve our ideas, our beliefs, and our questions about reality. 

Awakening – A change in awareness from lower to higher states of consciousness.

Bubble [the bubble] – [generally speaking] Experience within the first and second degrees of illumination. (See First Degree of Illumination, Second Degree of Illumination).

Communication – a thought matrix in which concepts, perceptions, and energies are exchanged.

Connection – intention and action to create oneness in a relationship.

Degrees of Illumination – A spectrum of belief and perception from separation to wholeness, fragmentation to completion.

Enlightenment – level of awareness and acceptance of wholeness.

Feed – To imagine gain from someone else’s loss.

Justification – justice through validation by imagination.

Need(s) – perception of lack demanding to be whole.

Projection – my reality projected as permanence into my immediate environment or within the frequency range I can perceive exists.

Reality – An imagined condition representing what I believe.

Separation (from Wholeness) – perception that a state of non-wholeness can exist.

Truth – reality, experienced by us all, yet rarely recognizing it.

Values – degrees of influence to thought and emotions.

Wholeness [oneness] – complete, unfragmented, all-inclusive – can’t be perceived or experienced within any range of frequency of manifestation.