Filling a Need

The alignment of a system is the purpose of its function.

There are things we need for physical existence and things we need for psychological existence. Both appear to be immediate. One is a physical need for oxygen to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and shelter from the elements. The other is a psychological need generated by imagination and powered by emotion – which ego uses to instill a sense of urgency for its own survival, motivating a need to seek acceptance, control, status and etc.

Satisfying needs is characteristic of life. Humans tend to blur the distinction between imagined and physical wellbeing, “I do what I have to do to survive – in life, love, connection, separation, and etc.” Psychologically, need is a drive that motivates an action to fill a perceived emptiness.

Choice comes from a similar space – “I choose to make something different… because…” Choice requires a motivating purpose or reason for making the choice. That motivation stems from ego, author of perceptions of unwholeness or lack – NEED.

In order to exist, a lifeform must continually overcome entropy by defining and clarifying a relationship it has between itself and its environment. It does this by exerting physical and mental effort to satisfy the original need to exist. Ego distorts this natural process by use of filters, misconception, faulty reasoning, thinking errors, and self deception – all of which result in irrelevant action.

Need is based on sacrifice and satisfaction. What must you sacrifice to satisfy your  needs? What sacrifice are you facing as a result of not satisfying a certain need?


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