Fear and Need

Why do I fear? In a world based in survival, being fearful seems to be a normal part of life. I associate fear as a necessary component of wanting to live. Without fear there is no desire, no drive to continue to exist. In nature, without fear, there could be no fight or flight response. The need to be alive is very much like an addiction we can’t overcome.

We learn that even newborn human babies have fear, such as the startle response to falling and sudden loud sounds. Where does such fear come from – while the baby’s in a peaceful space in mother’s womb? How does the startle reflex fit into the instinctual characteristics of fight and flight? Perhaps the startle response is a characteristic of fight and flight. Like the “deer in the headlights” response, where no movement is a defense.

Is it possible that fear goes much deeper than we could’ve imagined? After all, we are born with traits passed down that assist us in our survival, if or when we need them.

Most humans fit the same overall physical patterns. We have physical defense apparatus built into and onto our bodies. You might also be surprised to learn that we have similar if not identical psychological defense characteristics, just in case we need to defend at that level of our experience.

With such overwhelming evidence of a need for defense, is it any wonder that the only element necessary for sustaining such an existence would be a reason – fear?

Embracing the Inevitable

If we accept that our world is manifesting a need for defense, I wonder – how useful would building more defenses against defense be?

Change is that inevitable call to our thoughts to choose again. To choose again means change, even if it’s a small change. There is no choice by my staying the same. Remaining the same is a decision rather than a choice. I have awakened to another meaning of the word decision. It stems from the word decide, the root of which is cide, meaning to cut off and to end – such as, suicide, homicide, genocide, and etc. De is the root of deity. To cut off my source is to end choice. To decide is to cut off options and choice.

Fear is intended by its nature to cut off choice, end thought, cut off reason and accountability, leading to death and non-existence. Knowing that peace is real ends the necessity for defense.

Transformation from fear to peace is just as natural as any other adaptation – one moment I believe one thing, the next moment I believe another. We can simply change our thoughts and create anew.

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