Fear and Completion pt 3


“Thanks, I needed that!”

I occasional employ a thought state-breaker like, “Snap out of it!” to awaken me through the use of fear. By using fear as a tool to create a startle response, I can stop my inner conflict with wholeness. I can help myself to move towards completion of something I feel is incomplete. I can break free of my stuck state of mind through a sense of completion.

From a motivational perspective, “state-breakers,” based on fear-as-a-tool, abruptly nudge my mind onto a different path. Using the not-too-subtle suggestions to, “Knock it off!” “Get your act together!” “Shape up or ship out!” “Yo dude!” “Hello?!”¬† “Really?!” “WTF?!” “Come again?!” and “*%$&#@$ – (%#@)*?!” I force myself out of a mental stalemate between fearful thoughts of defense and fearless thoughts of flow – towards completion of what I really want.

Every so often a punch in the mind’s gut gets things moving, if you know what I mean! A payload of, “Stop blaming others!!” lights the mental dynamite that blasts my defensive,¬† judgmental, attitude of, “I’m doing things right and you’re doing things wrong!” right out of itself.

Nothing beats an unaware state quite like a consciousness that works out on fear-oids! When it comes to self-improvement, this snap-back approach – like the loud ring of an alarm next to your sleeping ear wakes you up in a dynamic way – is a brave new world for those who don’t want to miss a chance for a good laugh at themselves while accomplishing something useful in the process.

It is impossible to complete something you never start! And, you’ll tend to continue to experience what you’ve experienced when you continue to believe as you have in the past. Change requires change! And the place to start is inside (the mind) – thus the use of mental propellant…

“Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it.” (Newton’s first law of motion)

I feel compelled to USE FEAR TO START A CHANGE-REACTION!!! Let's use fear to start a change-reaction!!!


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