Fear and Completion pt 2


I see light because of resistance. I feel heat because of resistance. I feel the chair I’m sitting in due to its resistance to my body’s weight. Energy is realized because of resistance. I have experience – based on perception – that is due to resistance.

Fear – the belief in a threat to future survival, which belief is usually embodied in a sense of rightness – is imagined resistance where none may exist. Fear as an emotional motivator, however, is very real in that it usually results in ACTION intended to satisfy the perception of need imagined by the fear.

It’s an effective sales job I do to my Self!

Through fear I imagine a need – a lack, danger, or threat – then, when the emotional energy of that need exceeds a certain level of intolerance, I take some kind of appropriate (as I perceive it) action to satisfy that imagined lack – which feels like completion. It’s the essence of salesmanship –> create a perception of need then provide the answer to that need so the customer feels completion in the transaction = Sold! I’ve become quite adept at this kind of salesmanship.

Selling represents the imagined path from Need to Completion!

Have I been sold down the proverbial river?

Fear may have created a need, yet it requires a buy-in from me to continue to the level of importance necessary for me to attend to it. Awareness of my fear offers me a singular moment of enlightenment in which I may choose to awaken out of my self-sold imprisonment. Otherwise, automatic processes will take over for me and I’ll get the default need fulfillment – the result of my previous sales jobs on myself. Same-o, same-o.

Awareness of fear offers a singular moment of enlightenment in which one may choose to awaken.

Don’t take too long choosing, though…

My life is full of experiences resulting from the sales job I’ve done on myself. From the fear of correction to the fear of praise – from having to take the garbage out, to paying taxes – from making a little life change, to ultimately seeking to resist natural laws – I use my fear-full imagination to present psychological resistance to the natural flow of my life!! As I behave appropriately to that resistance, I find myself so constantly on guard that I don’t even recognize it in myself. Good sales job, huh?!

Might my fears exist because I resist them? Am I afraid of being afraid? Is fear its own end – completion?

As long as I perceive that I have needs, I have a sense of purpose – to fulfill those needs! Once I lose that sense of need – based on fear – I may lose my sense of purpose – and feel my life has come to completion. What happens then?

Can I remain on earth while realizing a sense of wholeness – defined as a state of being free of need? Can I exist without fear and without purpose?

Maybe fear is more about why I’m able to gain understanding of my creation – my life – than it is how I express my life. When my emotional level of WHY rises to the level of inevitability, the how won’t matter. I seek wholeness and fear is my why I can achieve it, perhaps it is the fear of not fearing that brings me a sense of completion. I may be leaving my life feeling incomplete and that sense of being unfinished creates a lack of fulfillment that can reveal a fear of wholeness. There may be a thought of purpose in incompleteness and a need to continue in life to get things done until the end. In the same concept- If I fear death – I may wish secretly to bring on completion by having no excuse to remain.

Perhaps fear has a positive side – one I can use to illuminate the darkness. Like fire that can burn me or light my way, fear can debilitate or illuminate. Instead of viewing fear as a curse, what might happen when I perceive fear as a TOOL?

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