Expression of My Marriage Metaphor

Thought and emotion run the body – whether or not I’m aware. Marriage represents the end of separation. When conscious choice marries thought and emotion, enlightenment is the result. How does this translate into my expression of self?

First of all, expression represents an intended communication, symbolized in a code-like language, a causal enactment that implies a shared reality exists between communicants. Therefore, I assume a certain level of shared understanding based on our commonality of expression of mind and heart.

Because I consider my lifetime complete as a whole through this one union – the marriage of mind and heart – I no longer believe my thoughts and feelings to be separate. They work together.

There are few original thought/feeling memories – internal conversations between mind and heart – that deal with actual experience free of bias and judgement. Instead, I tend to bring forth memories that validate my present belief in a state of separation – thought/feeling attachments that support repetitive defensive themes. As I become aware of my defensive position and the memories I’m recalling to support my defense, I have an opportunity in that moment to choose. I ask myself:

  1. What is this memory expressing? Is it expressing the marriage I want?
  2. How would I rather feel and think now?
  3. Why would I rather feel and think this now? (a new marriage)
  4. Who am I as a result of this new marriage?

This releases the marriage from its old “defense contract” and initiates it into a new expression. I can now add my “new” true story to the collective awareness.

The ultimate expression of oneness

My marriage metaphor up to now has been a story-line I’ve had to defend. That metaphor has new meaning to me and I take it very seriously.

Maybe it’s because I now recognize the power of my mind and heart as one creator – over which I AM in charge. Much as my body is capable of creating in the physical world through work, my thoughts and feelings act as guides to this body, which I now apply proactive conscious choice.

My life may be an allegory, the result of those two aspects of self coming together and expressing themselves in physical story form.

Heart, mind and body all work together in a marriage of one.

  • Mind provides content
  • Heart provides context
  • Body provides construct

What I get is the result of that collaboration – an incredibly convincing experience – the ultimate expression of oneness…

My Marriage Metaphor.

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