Entertainment and Emotion

When I slip, it's not funny! When you slip, it's hilarious.

Ah, emotions – the esoteric ambrosia of experience that fuels and is fueled by a need for entertainment in a reality based on separation.

Separation is inherent in entertainment – when something I consider negative happens to me, I consider it “experience” or “terrible” or “frustrating” or “provocative” – rarely “entertaining.” When I see the same something happen to you, I’m much more likely to find it “entertaining” even though I may also feel emotionally sympathetic to your plight. (Think slip and fall, or pie in the face, etc. – maybe funny to me, not so much for you)

Maybe separation is the critical factor in entertainment – providing one reason I find someone else’s experience entertaining – it’s NOT happening to me! In this case, entertainment is more a sense of relief even when I may be engaged emotionally – as in a movie or book.

Certainly it is possible to entertain oneself – like singing to yourself – yet even then, the REASON I find it entertaining may be because it FEELS like I am distant (separate) from some negative emotional aspect within me. In this case, self-entertainment may be self-separation or survival through dissociation.

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