Enlightenment As Sweetener

This morning I appreciated some nice juicy melon for breakfast. It was oh, so delicious. Why? Because it was sweet! And I really like sweets. Of the five specific sensors on my tongue, I manage to favor (quite heavily, I might add – literally and figuratively) the sweet sense. Might I look at enlightenment in the same way?

It occurred to me this morning that the melon from my own garden tastes sweeter to me today than I recall imported melons tasting last winter. The imported variety was okay, but not all that sweet. Why do locally grown melons – and many other fruits and veggies – taste sweeter in the summer and early fall than do similar fruits and veggies grown elsewhere? Further, local fruit tastes sweeter when the climate has been sunnier and warmer.

It seems that sunlight is converted into sugars by plants. More sun – more sugar. As an animal who eats fruits and veggies, I am programmed by nature to like sweeter fruits and veggies.

What an interesting connection between me and my plant brethren! They like more sunlight – producing more sugar that I like to eat – as a result.

How about looking at this as a metaphor for mind? I’m sure you can follow my reasoning here (think in terms of attitude):


When we “lighten up” are we just saying, “sweeten up?” When we “sweeten up” are we more desirable, more enjoyable? In what ways might I “taste sweeter” after a season of enlightenment and warmth?

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