Ego and the Justification League

In an earlier post, we discussed how my ego segregates experience according to the filter, “That which benefits me most and threatens me least.” Justice in this arena condenses into a judgment of, “My interests compared to yours.” – with a bias toward the “my” in that “equation.”

To accomplish its goal of keeping me physically and psychologically safe, my ego enrolls my subconscious mind to create a collection of defenses I like to call my Justification League. Their job is to make sure that a) my thoughts of justice are served; and b) my behaviors are justified – thus the name.

The League keeps my egocentric world running smoothly and me seemingly in charge of that reality.

I call out the Justification League whenever my ego senses a threat to its reality. Awakening to Self and higher degrees of illumination is the ultimate kryptonite for any and all members of my Justification League.

Just for fun, let’s look at how some members of my League do their job of keeping me right, justified, or at least proper.

7 members of my Justification League

  1. Dr. Authority, M.D., PhD. Master of the confirmation bias, Dr. A comes out when I feel insecure about myself. He (always male) spouts indisputable empirical evidence to defeat cognitive dissonance. Usually this sounds like, “Studies show that…[I’m right]” and “Mom/Dad always told me to… [do what I did]” and “Spirit told me… [to do what I did]” and etc.
  2. The Recruiter. This charismatic character gains strength in numbers – always crusading, building armies of cooperative followers, all marching to the same beat – mine. “The more people who agree with me, the righter and safer I am.”
  3. The Excuser. When things go wrong, as they wont to do, this member of the Justification League steps in to take up the slack and get me back on track – making ANY thought or behavior logical or at least excusable. Sometimes referred to as the Spin Master, “X” weaves a web of confusing reasons disguised as factual conclusions designed to bewilder logic.
  4. Judge Duty. “Here come da judge!” This Member of the League instills a sense of “Honoring Duty” through behaviors that might otherwise be considered inappropriate or hurtful. The Judge’s credos: “The end justifies the means,” and “It’s for my own good.”  Quick to assign propriety to any action because it’s the right thing to do, and fueled by the honor of self-sacrifice, self-respect, and loyalty to a cause, Judge Duty metes out justice by holding others to the letter of the Law of ego (“My interests are justly over yours”).
  5. The Invisible Man. “If I don’t see it, it can’t hurt me.” Always “looking the other way” this unseen man of defense carries an invisibility cloak to hide evidence, exclude opposing views, and withhold truth. Threat of emotional engagement or conflict tends to call this one into action.
  6. Distraction Jackson. Champion of the red herring, he’s not here, he’s not there, he’s not anywhere – so beware! Capturing attention with trivia – on which I will waste my life force energy – is this magician’s superpower. A master of slight-of-hand, DJ conceals the light of truth from me by focusing my attention on nonsense, usually presented in the form of entertainment. This ego superstar is often seen holding the sacred Shimmering Shield of Deflection – which dims and reflects the light of awareness away from enlightenment to the sewer of insignificance and irrelevance – all at the cost of my vital life force energy.
  7. The Wild Savage. When all others fail to get the defense job done, my ego will bring out this big gun. Raging, violent, and intimidating, this 10-ton gorilla of my ego’s Justification League beats its opponents into submission.

Ultimately, the purpose of my “Justification League” is to protect my ego. This aspect of me is the Wizard of Ozk me no questions – “the man behind the curtain” – loads of bluster and blow with no real power except that given by me!

As I awaken to who I am at the most fundamental levels, I release my need for defense – thus dismissing the Justification League (with gratitude).

Who are the members of your ego’s Justification League? Leave your contribution in the comments area below.

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