A Default Model of Personal Governance

Governance refers to how a system regulates itself. Through independent and collective direction I apply this to my personal governance. My personal governance is based on creating and defending what I choose to perceive.

The purpose of a personal governance system is to provide a means for managing my multi-verse experience. the division between the non-corporeal “I” and its physical, emotional, and mental expression.

Consequently, I experience personal governance as direction of separateness back into oneness. Although a paradox, the system may be a natural result of this reckoning.

A Natural Flow of Governance

In my bubble of limited awareness, I think of personal governance in terms of a top-down hierarchy. That is, the most powerful aspects of a system, sit atop an organized, pyramidal structure. It’s a power-distribution system in which higher levels exercise control over lower levels and lower levels must account to higher levels. The body and emotions obey the mind.

This because I live in a reality of governance in which I defend my perception in terms of for vs against. So to survive, I must compare what to defend against and for. Thus, the bubble of limited awareness governs my experience. This is the default model!

What is beyond default?

Until you question the default, there is no other awareness. Because I insist upon comparing and defending, perhaps I can use that facility to bring about a new awareness. What might a new paradigm of governance look like? I won’t know until I ask! So what kind of questions could I ask?

  1. What else could I be? What am I?
  2. How else could I be?  How am I?
  3. Why else could I be?  Why am I?
  4. Who else could I be?  Who am I?

What questions might you ask to change your default model of personal governance?

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