OMG! I’ve Crossed My Logic Levels Streams

The logic level of Doing is NOT the same as the logic level of Being. Crossing logic levels is like crossing the streams – bad things can happen. (“Thanks for the safety tip, Egon”)

I am not what I do. What I do, on the other hand, may reflect upon who I and others THINK I am.

In crossing logic level streams, I might assume that what I did in the past defines who I am now. I’ve crossed logic AND time levels in an ever-changing sea of circumstance.

When I believe I AM better than another, I tend to treat them as “less than” me. When I pass that belief on to my children and they to their children – meanwhile, the same belief is being passed down the line of those I demean – before too long, a caste system begins to emerge and we find ourselves at serious odds – creating conflict maybe to the level of war.

Is that what I really want as a result of playing this game?

With so much uncertainty in the world, how could I realistically expect that MY way is the way or even a better way?

Uncrossing the streams

Once I realized the difference between logical levels of who I AM (Being level) and what I DO (Process level) and that I was crossing them, life became SO MUCH SMOOTHER and LESS COMPLICATED. I also felt far less motivated to outDO others in order to secure myself as BEing better than them.

To uncross the streams, perhaps it might help to appreciate that:

  • Who we are is who we are.
  • What we do is what we do.
  • What we have is what we have.
  • Who we believe we are tends to define what we’ll do and have. Yet, what we have and what we do does not determine who we are – only present an illusion of who we think we are in a world of crossed dimensions.

I have a sense that when I discover WHO I AM, I’ll no longer feel a desire to play the crossed logic levels streams game because I’ll get it that I AM everything I perceive. At that level of being, there is no ME vs THEE – there is only ALL as ME. I can’t compare ME with ME.

Yes, it may take some practice and some compassion to give up the game at all levels. I feel confident I can DO it –¬† after all, it’s just me in my ¬† thought stream.

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