How Compassion Bridges Dimensions

I exist in multiple dimensions of multiple dimensions of even more multiple dimensions. Yet they seem to exist as one single dimension. How might I use compassion as a bridge between dimensions?

A system represents a sphere of influence existing within its own reality of laws. Those laws allow compatible spheres to operate within common bounds that support their collective existence.

Each compliant system consents to the interaction, creating connection. Interactions thus result in manifestations of support, offering a medium in which independent operations apply to shared potential.

Sharing increases the effectiveness of operations and value of manifestations in each cooperative system – making agreement between them therefore mutually beneficial.

For example, the tree and I share laws in our individual dimensions that support an interdependent existence. I breathe in that which the tree breathes out, and vice versa. Through consent, we thereby mutually benefit from our collective interactions.

Appreciation of Connection

How does compassion bridge dimension?
How does compassion bridge dimension?

As I exercise appreciation of connection, I may consequently begin to appreciate oneness.

I define compassion as a desire to connect. I use an equation to metaphorically connect with you in order to understand me – while honoring a sense of autonomy for us both:

I <=> You = Compassion

The end of compassion is hence the beginning of defense of separation – an imagined division, an effect of misunderstanding. My defense reinforces my need to stay limited to who I call me, enforces my perception of you as I assign you to be, and resists any flow outside that self-imposed boundary.

Thus, compassion allows you and I to appreciate who we are as ONE. Seeking to understand leads to understanding and as a result turns perception of separation into a celebration of connection, clarity in purpose – Flow.

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