Choice and Attachment

Here’s a thought – Could attachments be at the heart of choice? I encourage discussion.

I like to think the laws of nature advocate creation and its maintenance, that they play a major role in memory and instinct, giving life an assist in survival and a chance for a future.

Memory has been evolving beyond the routine of the symbol recognition system we use for fight and flight responses. Lightening fast actions are the demands instinct places on successful survival.

Humans use time as a tool coupled with imagination, allowing us to go backward and forward from the present to design a way to have more control over fear. Since instinct is applicable in the present moment only, the development of attachments changed the usefulness of time for humans. Humans could recognize symbols of threat and create tools and weapons to affect the fear that controlled them. By having this intent, the human mind created a way to bring forward in time the things they feared in the past in order to see them in a new way in the present and future. In this way, experience could teach them to view life in a different way than they held their truth yesterday.

As humans began to think ahead and behind, a new renaissance of thought unfolded. By bringing past perceptions of survival failures and successes into the present and future projections of triumph over their environment, humans could then conceive of  being free of fear. We learned to utilize fear through the application of forethought and memory recall – affecting our sense of being in control over fear.

What we collectively believed to be a logical breakthrough about fear turned out to be a misunderstanding – because the mind still relied on fear for survival. The attachment, primarily emotional in nature, brought with it fear interpreted by the present mind as anger, frustration and blame. Rather than understanding what it was doing, the mind  blocked the value of these returning messengers by compensating with justifications,  reverting to the primal logic of instinct – fear.

With such a rigid philosophy, the human mind felt less and less fulfilled. Human emotions were limited to representing sensations the mind interpreted as fear. It was the introduction of a new level of emotional interpretation that was a better match for a new level of thought. Attachment allowed the mind and heart to open to a new process of interacting with their environment, bringing beliefs of the fearful past into the present to be reexamined – and then to CHOOSE a new truth.

Attachment bridged the subconscious to the conscious mind in order to bring set understandings into a new light. The use of choice took fear off the central control system and put logic mingled with positive emotions in its stead. The interactions of my emotions with my thoughts allows me an ability to be practical and visionary, choosing the why and how of my experiences rather than just the how.

Change happens at the conscious level of thought. My behaviors change as I practice being conscious.

Attachments brought the impossible into the probable.

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