Choice to Accountability – the Voice of Reason

As I account for the projections I call my life, I inquire from moment to moment as to my creation and ultimately my contribution to that life. What are those questions? A choice to understand myself may be the greatest gift I can offer my experience.

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” (Socrates)

Let’s ask a Third Degree question:

  1. Is it true?

The answer to that one yes/no question makes all the difference.

A “yes” response confirms and defends a position – a First-Second Degree bubble behavior. A “no” response with an exception – “no, but…” “no, and…” “no, except for…” and etc. – is also bubble behavior.

A pure “no” response (no “if, ands, or buts”) invites further inquiry by begging the question, “What ELSE?” – leading to Fourth Degree accountability. “NO” becomes the golden answer to the golden question. Even a faint or weak “no” (“well… maybe not…”) leads me to the possibility of choosing accountability – it’s a start. A door cracked open is no longer locked closed and will allow quite a bit of light into an otherwise darkened room.

Third degree inquiry acts as a catalyst for change. One choice results in accepting Fourth Degree accountability – an “aha” that catapults my awareness from limited probability to unlimited possibility – and more inquiry!

Fourth Degree Illumination the Result of Third Degree Choice

One single aha can open a variety of fresh understandings about self – and provide a platform for further inquiry.

In third degree awareness perhaps my intentions offer options for inquiry upon which my choice awaits. For example I may choose to challenge a previous fear. My perspective could literally shift in an aha instant just by inquiring about that one belief.

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