Could “but” Be an Indicator of a 3rd Degree Choice Point?

Could “but” indicate a 3rd Degree of Illumination choice point? Let’s investigate the competition involved in “but” – that little three-letter joiner word I use to express the conflict between two competing concepts.

“I want to” but “I don’t want to” is the same as
“I want to” vs “I don’t want to” which is the same as
“This” vs “That” in terms of value – a choice point between values

Value vs Value – a split in my beliefs – an opening.

Who am I “butting”? Who am I challenging with a “but”? Who am I – really?

Well, that may very well be…

A Matter of Perspective –

Inside the bubble, I am fearful and defensive. I act accordingly with fearful and defensive intentions and focus. I assign values in order to compete in a fearful, defensive reality.

  1. “What” looks like literal reality in which fears are right, justified, and proper.
  2. “How” looks like process of intent, focus, and action in defending my reality.
  3. “Why” looks like the values I hold dear that give support to my defenses, making my reality real.
  4. “Who” represents me as separate from and in competition with my environment – the subject of my fears.

From 4th Degree of Illumination perspective, I accept accountability for who I am as the creator of it all. From that perspective:

  1. “What” may be irrelevant as all is one.
  2. “How” may be equally irrelevant.
  3. “Why” may be equally irrelevant.
  4. “Who” represents all – account balanced.

3rd Degree of Illumination is a choice point in which one either returns to the bubble or accepts accountability to oneness.

Inside the bubble, conflict can indicate a 3rd degree choice point – at least a possibility for one.

Could “but” be an indicator of a present opportunity for awakening – a 3rd degree choice point?

What might happen were I to notice when I utter the word “but” and in that instant, ask a choice point question that challenges the one aspect of me that understands it: who? “Who am I?”

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