Belief, Manifestation, and Appropriate Action

Manifestation is about making things happen. Maybe you made some new year resolutions – expressing ways in which you would like to see your life change for the better. Maybe this will be the year you quit smoking, or get that raise, or lose that weight. Whatever it is, your first action is to NAME the change you want to make. You have done this part so often that you maybe now take it for granted.

You are already taking action on what it is you really want – it’s automatic – you do it unconsciously. Based on your beliefs, you take action that is appropriate with what you accept as true – your beliefs. You don’t even have to think about or plan anything – you do it automatically.

For example, when you believe you are inadequate, you set up scenarios in which you confirm that belief – not enough money, not enough willpower, not enough whatever…

About Manifestation

Why, then, do you not get what you want? The truth is – you mostly DO get what you want (or at least are satisfied with). You just don’t recognize it – because you are so used to getting what you want from life.

If you continue to act (behaving) as you have acted in the past – based on what you believed to be true in the past – you will tend to continue to get what you have gotten in the past. You’ll continue to take the appropriate action to achieve whatever it is that you have gotten in the past. You do those actions so well by now that you are unconscious of them. You’re a master at doing whatever it is that you do to achieve what you are currently experiencing.

The reason you don’t have what you think you want is because you don’t realize that you already have exactly what it is you want. Things and events appear to happen as they do; you and others appear to act as they do because you believe a certain way. It appears that they, not you, are in charge of their lives, getting what they want, and etc. That appearance is simply feedback to you about YOUR BELIEFS.

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