Balance and Nature

No matter how “bad” or “destructive” humanity behaves, we are still part of nature. It’s not “we” vs “nature” – it’s always just “nature”. Nature is the condition of things as they are right now.

Let’s say humanity nukes the planet’s surface, destroying all life on it, then THAT will be the nature of nature at that time. Everything affects the balance of nature as it was, but now is always in balance – it just is. “Imbalance” is a human invention intended to promote someone’s agenda (“shoulds”).

For example, there is no doubt in my mind that humanity is changing the climate of the planet – when/if that eventually kills off all the homo sapiens, there will be another era without humans. THAT will be the nature of things then – in perfect balance just as it is now.

In order to continue as a species, we may want to address some issues we have with nature. Nature, however, won’t care whether or not we continue as a species. It’s in balance with or without us. As a human part of the nature of this planet, I hope we don’t work so hard to create “balance” with our “shoulds” that we extinguish our species in the process.

You see:

  • I am not separate from Mother Nature – I AM Mother Nature.
  • My thoughts are the thoughts of Mother Nature.
  • My actions are the actions of Mother Nature.
  • ALL that I am exists only in the context of Mother Nature as a whole.
  • Therefore, I am always in balance.

No matter what change I make, it is I (me in the context of my environment of which I’m a part) who adjusts to the change.

Does that mean change is impossible or unnecessary? Certainly not! Change is inevitable. As long as there is time, there is change. Nature is changing all the time – it is never static.

I’m suggesting that personally directed change – the kind I choose for myself¬† – happens due to my INTENT that is in alignment with nature (that which is). Frustration comes as a result of foiled expectations, which are also manifestations of nature – the result of my thoughts about what SHOULD BE rather than my acceptance of WHAT IS. Justifications, rationalizations, and excuses are ways my ego manages the difference.

Concerning change, when I think of something that SHOULD BE, I’m accepting that that something is NOT yet as I think it SHOULD BE. When I’m focused on what SHOULD BE, rather than on what IS, my thoughts are not in alignment with nature, which is WHAT IS.

When my mind is preoccupied with FEAR about what I believe should have been, what I believe should be now, and/or should be in the future, I am living in my own belief-in-fear nature.

As I release my need to fear, I realize the dawning of a new nature.

Perhaps the more I understand about the true nature of nature, the more likely I will enjoy the nature of life.

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