How Awareness Resolves the Conflict Between Separation and Wholeness

In bubble awareness, I experience only separation – something compared to something else, me vs not me, and etc. I may not even be capable of an awareness of wholeness, instead ever seeking that which will make me whole. And yet, I have this nagging feeling that I am something greater than I appear.

How do I resolve this apparent conflict between separation and wholeness from such a limited awareness?

Systems of Intention and Purpose

Parts of systems all serve one collective intention. Independent perspective gives each part a sense of separation and individual purpose that affects the collective intention. Cooperation, rapport, and common purpose provide awareness of wholeness from within separation. One for ALL and ALL for One.

For example, trillions and trillions of independent cells make up my body, each with their own perspective. Each seeks connection and fulfillment through service to the whole system. In return, the whole provides for each.

No one of those individuals parts contain my consciousness, although each is conscious. From the perspective of the whole, consciousness may be thought of as that which manifests awareness of collective intention. I experience through awareness – that is subject to choice and conscious direction.

In this way, although seemingly tiny and insignificant in the vastness of the universe, I serve and am served by the whole of it. Awareness of my contribution and its effects are entirely up to me.

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