How Is Accountability A Done Deal?

It occurs to me that accountability may be a done deal.

By accountability, I mean the universe accounts to me and I to the universe through the law of causality. Everything I do affects the universe, which affects me.

Context and content interact as cause or effect to the other – making each accountable to the other.

I don’t have to make accountability happen – it just IS. I can imagine shifting or lessening it away from me and on to others through blame. Yet I am living my life and therefore I’m accountable for it – to the universe in which my life is at once content and context.

Content  <=> Context

Now that I understand accountability as a done deal, HOW might I use this awareness?

Acceptance of ME as a practical and real aspect of the universe puts my mind in a different position than were I to consider myself in a more adversarial position – like that of being at the mercy of the universe (being pulled) or having to take charge of it (pulling). The fish neither pushes nor pulls the ocean – it simply lives in it.

Due to the Law of Resonance – a quality of vibration at a specific preferential frequency that makes something personally meaningful or important to someonethat which I focus attention upon causes some meaningful result in the universe.

In this dimension, what I think makes a difference on many levels because…

Resonance + Causality => Accountability

Literal Universe = Figurative Consciousness = Accountability


Accountability = Cause + Effect = ONENESS => I AM

ALL is accountable to who I am in MY figurative universe of belief. Understanding WHO I AM, then, becomes key to understanding the account.

MY awareness matters! Literally and figuratively! Done deal!

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