Accountability and Validation

There may be such a tight relationship between validation and accountability as to imply they are compatible and inseparable as one concept.

Consider these basic definitions:

Accountability – An ability to account to what creates value in the doing – and values in each specific doing.

Validation – The perception that some outcome meets my specifications and fulfills my need (s). It’s how I recognize or affirm the value or worth of [something], making it real.

Both accountability and validation support a need, which judgements of VALUE make real.

  1. Validate – Being – giving to satisfy needed value
  2. Accountable – Doing – receive to satisfy needed value

Comparing Values for Accounting Purposes

  1. Some “thing”
  2. Another “thing” to which the first “thing” is accountable – a value-based relationship.

In the context of me and my environment, I could say that my environment is accountable to me by supplying me a value or a series of values responding to each of my needs. Conversely, I am accountable to my environment by abiding by its rules as I choose to interpret them as separate from my rules. Always comparing myself to my environment – content in relation to its context.

For example, when asked, “who are you?” I respond: as to my value for doing.

  • I am a writer
  • I am a wife/husband
  • I am six feet tall
  • I am a citizen
  • etc.

Each of the above describes a contextual relationship in which I am the content.

Cause and effect illustrate this principle in that being accountable is the essence of a cause weighed against its effect and visa versa. Each aspect in a cause-effect relationship is accountable to the other. And separate!

In summary – accountability exists because I perceive separation that I make real through validation. I then manipulate these “real values” in order to create the appearance of reality. So that I don’t have to consciously work at this, I set the process on automatic – bias. Specifically…

Confirmation bias = I am that which I validate

Consider – through accountability the universe validates that to which I give attention. My feedback provides me evidence that confirms my perception of that to which I give attention.

Ultimately, this takes me to some important equations…

Validation = justified rightness

Justified rightness = accountability


Accountability = Validation

I didn’t say these were true equations.

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